My New Adventure

I recently returned from a very mind altering trip to Maine with one of my closest friends.  We have been planning this trip for just a few months now and I was really looking forward to it.  I have never been to Maine, or to the New England region of the country, and we just planned a very relaxing trip and booked a small cabin on Lake Sebago.  Little did I know that this trip would change my way of thinking and, in a way, change me.

About a week before the trip, however, I feared that I would not be able to go because I got really sick.  I starting coughing, muscles aching more than usual (felt like I got hit by a freight train), headaches from coughing so much, fevers as high as 104.  Turns out that I had pneumonia.  Luckily, I was able to see my doctor a few days before we left and she started me on some heavy antibiotics and by the time we left I was starting to feel a bit better.

We left early on a Saturday morning and we had perfect weather.  I am a very nervous passenger most times but my friend was a great driver and the views on our drive were stunning.  We arrived at our cabin on the lake and my breath escaped me.  It was surreal.  This huge lake, as far as the eye could see, and clear blue skies with white puffy clouds greeted us.  The only thing that spooked me were the few spiders we had to deal with.

On this trip we took a few road trips and the first one is the one that changed me.  We went to this one lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth that was set on a rocky shoreline and all the sudden, the rest of the world disappeared.  I walked up to the ridge, where I was surrounded by water on 3 sides and I was listening to the waves crashing around me, tasting the salt from the ocean on my lips and feeling the sea mist on my skin.  Then, it hit me.  Compared to the rest of the world, I am very small.  In turn, my problems are that much smaller.  I don’t mean that I am small in a bad way, I mean it in a perspective kind of way.  Here you are, standing on a rocky ridge, looking out at nothing but water as far as the eye can see and you realize that you are just this tiny little spec in the grand scheme of things.  These problems that you thought were so big and ruling your life are not bigger than you are because you cannot see them, so they are smaller than you.  I just stood there in awe, snapping away on my cameras and allowing the moment to take me away and for the first time in a very long time, I was able to let go and relax.

The nights were hard because it was the first time in 6 years that I was not with my husband, but we talked a few times a day and shared with him all of our travels that went on.  As the days went on, I kept feeling better.  The fibro wasn’t even really an issue for the week because the weather was perfect and there was no stress at all.

We went to a few more lighthouses, included Portland Head Lighthouse, which is breathtaking and I would recommend to anyone that has not seen this place to do so because it is worth it.  We went on a short train ride on the coast of Maine.  I went to a planetarium for the first time ever in my life, which was really cool.  We took a road trip to Bangor and had a Stephen King day because we are both horror fans.  We saw his house (which was awesome), the standpipe, birdbath and bench which was the inspiration for IT, Mount Hope Cemetery where Stephen King made his cameo during Pet Sematary, Bangor International Airport where the Langoliers was filmed and had lunch and Nicky’s diner where Stephen King is known to frequent.  I even tried my hand at painting for the first time on the lake.  I made two paintings that got rave reviews from my friends.

When I came home, my husband and my friend said that I just looked so relaxed and different (in a good way).  They saw the pictures that I took and were stunned by my eye.  I shared some of pictures during the trip and some of my friends were really blown away by these pictures.  I saw my counselor the same day that I returned from my trip and she said the same thing about me finally looking relaxed and asked what happened.  I explained about that moment on the ridge and how I felt and how much I enjoyed taking pictures and painting and she told me that it is something that I need to keep doing as an outlet for relaxing, confidence and creativity.

After much thinking and a lot of work, I have decided to share my photography and try to sell it.  I want to try to make a name for myself.  I want to see how good I really am.  I want to do this as a hobby, no appointments, no bookings, I don’t take pictures of people but I want to be great at something and leave a legacy behind.  I know it is a crazy thing to think but you never know.  So, I put some of my photos up for sale on Fine Art America and started my own facebook business page to share and sell some of my prints and hopefully it will take off.  My husband says that we can take a road trip, within reason, every week or two, for me to take more photos and keep it going.  I can paint at home, when the mood hits me and I can’t take pictures.  I hope this all works out and that this adventure leads to a more confident and healthy me.  Time shall tell.  I will share some of my pics in the next post.  Please feel free to leave any comments on the pics.  I am open to suggestions and helpful tips.  Here is to to my next adventure!



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