President Elect Anxiety

This link that I have attached at the bottom is exactly what I have been thinking for the month and I could not agree with her more. He did what every other politician has done (even though he has no experience at all to even begin to run a country) to become elected…..LIE to the people. Sad part is, he showed the person he really is, the nasty man who makes fun of the disabled with a short fuse who really knows how to bring people together to rally hate. Sadder yet, he won. It is too late to do a damn thing about it but sit, watch and pray. Read her tweet to our President-Elect, really read it. Then pick up things:
He takes to twitter about everything and contradicts himself sometimes too. Talks about the protesters. First he is upset them because he won by the votes that he would have not accepted if he lost, then the next day he is happy to see them expressing their rights. (When Obama won four years earlier he tweeted that we should protest and the electoral college needed to be changed). Hamilton owing Pence an apology. It was done at the end of the show, they did not hold him hostage, it was done respectfully and Trump wasn’t there. However, Trump can make fun of a disabled reporter, overweight and flat chested women, dishonor a Gold Star family and defend “locker room talk” without any glimmer of an apology? Really? This is ok? He tweets that he is working on Thanksgiving. Congratulations! So are millions of other people, do you want a cookie? He goes off about SNL all the time. They aren’t funny. Yes, they are. Every president has been mocked. Get over it and move on. He tweets about million of illegal votes and the media being biased just again him. (Media lies about everyone) He has no proof of either but he keeps saying it. So, in his logic I am 5’8″, 140lbs and a millionaire. I have no proof but I will keep saying it.
I watched his 20/20 interview after the election, he was asked about the hate crimes being done in his name and he said he knew nothing about it. He knew about the protesters, on social media all the time but knows nothings about this. Right. He is asked what he would say to them. He looks right in the camera and says, “I would tell them to stop it, if that would help. Stop it right now”. End story. Nothing on twitter, no other mention of it. Does this not concern anyone? Does this not speak to our country about the type of man that we are dealing with? He takes to social media about petty bullshit but not real issues. Actually, he should not be taking to social media at all. Period. He should be addressing the nation and the division of that nation like a grown man.
He recently set up the “Blind Trust” for his companies that he promised to the people, so that he would be able to focus on the country instead of his businesses. Ok, I know I have a background in law. I know it is only a few years but do you know what a Blind Trust is? Better yet, does he? He should not know who the people are that are running his companies. Key words, NOT KNOW. His children are running the companies. This is not a BLIND TRUST. More lies and taking advantage of his supporters that do not have a clue.
The people he has assigned to his cabinet are scary. People who are racist, who don’t believe in women’s rights. We are going backwards in time. By voting him into office, you voted these people into office. You picked a man with no political background into office to pick these people. Absolute power. With him, very scary.
Let us not forget the recent phone he had with Taiwan. Again, because this man has no political background at all, he takes a call to accept a thank you. (Narcissists need the ego boost and attention) Now we have China upset. Then he takes to twitter again saying, “Interesting how the U.S. sells Taiwan billions of dollars of military equipment but I should not accept a congratulatory call”. OK, I will be the first to say that I have no idea whether or not that statement is true. If it is and we have this “decent” relationship China right now, should you be tweeting that we have supplied Taiwan with weapons? I mean if you are really looking out for the people and our well being. We are trusting this man with our Nation’s secrets. Can we think about this for a minute please? Donald Trump, our Nation’s secrets and Twitter! Great! Start building the bunker now!
I have come to terms with the fact that this man was elected President. This is our process, a flawed democratic system, but our system nonetheless. I went into this pissed, right after the election. Then, I calmed down a bit and listen to some people and thought, “Ok, I can’t the man, but I will give him a chance”. Then, every other day he takes to social media with something stupid or picks another winner to be by his side. It is hard to have faith in your “fearless leader” when he can’t even handle Saturday Night Live. Let the power that be, be with us all over the next four years I want end by saying I am not “whining”. I am a concerned citizen, I am a human being with a voice. For those who know me, I can be a bitch but I don’t “whine”, I feel passionately about things and stand up for what I believe in with everything I have. If I see something wrong, I will tell it like it is and try to hold no punches. You either like me or hate me, there is no in between. Life is too short to be fake. With that being said, to those who want to tell me or those who are voicing their opinions or protesting to stop “whining”: If you are a woman and you voted, remember someone had to “whine” for you to have that right. If you are a woman and you have had an abortion, remember someone had to “whine” for you to have that right. If you are a woman and you work, remember someone had to “whine” for you to have that right. If you are a person of color and are not a slave, remember someone had to “whine” for you to have that right. If you are a person of color and you are able to go to the same schools, use the same bathrooms, go to the same restaurants, use the same water fountains as a white person, remember someone had to “whine” for you to have that right. If you are On the other hand, if you are a man, remember that I am a woman and woman need to listen to you “whine” all the time. I am not judging the voters, I am judging the man. We all need to stick together because we are ALL in this together now.

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